Wrestlers’ Protest 2023: Latest Updates

Wrestlers and supporters were arrested on Sunday (28 May 2023) after a breakout of violent fights in front of parliament. They escalated the fight calling for the arrest of their federation’s leader over sexual harassment claims.

Actions Taken By Delhi Police

After being in prison for hours and facing oppressive allegations of rioting, India’s Olympic medalists were freed late in the evening.

The protest took on the same day when Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the new Parliament building. According to the police, the other police officials dragged  Sakshi Malik, Vinesh Phogat, and other wrestlers from Jantar Mantar, where they had been protesting for over a month.

Wrestlers’ Plan Of Action

The wrestlers believe it is critical to draw attention to this issue since it is unacceptable and must not be permitted. They are demanding justice and holding the alleged abuser accountable for his acts.

This Maha Panchayat is an opportunity for wrestlers to band together and speak out, demanding justice for the victims and ensuring that anything like this never happens again. It is a strong method to make a statement and demonstrate that they are unified in their opposition to this type of behavior.

Wrestling Community Rally

  • The rally organized by former sportspeople, athletes, and other citizens of Kolkata, was held on Thursday (25 May 2023) to show solidarity with the Wrestlers’ protest.
  • The rally began at Kolkata’s Subodh Mallick Square and made its way to Esplanade, with a large number of participants, including former sportspeople, children, and intellectuals.
  • The participants, carrying banners and placards, chanted slogans in support of the protesters, and expressed their dissatisfaction with the current state of the Wrestling community.
  • The march concluded with a speech by one of the former sportspeople, who urged the government to take immediate action to address the Wrestlers’ grievances.
  • The rally was an inspiring display of unity and solidarity and a reminder of the power of collective action.

Tweets by Famous Personalities

Wrestlers’ Grievances

Even if the accused chief has refused to accept responsibility, the Supreme Court has interfered in the situation by urging FIRs to be filed and appealing to fellow athletes to lend their voices to the reported complaints of sexual harassment.

There was no Internal Complaints Committee (ICC) formed to address such abuses, therefore victims were sent to the Prime Minister’s Office for justice. The panel has also concluded that, despite the fact that it was mandatory, the Wrestling Federation of India failed to appoint a committee to investigate the victims’ accusations.

As a result, the panel has recommended that the government take urgent action to ensure that such concerns are addressed and that a suitable structure for dealing with such issues be established.

Impact of Wrestlers’ Protests

The lack of such a framework is a significant flaw since it leaves athletes without any safety procedures. It is critical that organizations and regulatory bodies in Indian sports take proactive measures to provide athletes with a safe and secure working environment.

It is critical that Indian sports organizations and regulating bodies take the appropriate actions to safeguard athletes and offer a safe and secure work environment. Only then will athletes’ hopes and objectives be nourished and encouraged in a safe and secure environment.

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