Top 7 Business Schools in the World

Attending one of the best MBA schools worldwide may be expensive in terms of tuition fees but usually worth it due to its impact on your professional development. It’s essential to do proper research before deciding on which business school to enroll for pursuing your MBA because this decision will affect your future.

By attending some of the best MBA colleges in the world you will enjoy significant advantages like getting high ROIs as well as being able to choose from numerous specializations while building relationships within a massive international alumni community all while gaining crucial insights into global business standards.

They also provide a wide range of extracurricular activities, like internships, international exchange programs, and other opportunities to refine your talents and get useful experience.

Last but not least, these colleges are known for their career services, which provide graduates with the tools and guidance.

Why not consider one of these top-rated business schools for your management program? In this article, we’ll explore some of the best options available, featuring our selection of top MBA colleges worldwide taking into account their return on investment alongside entrepreneurship efforts.

1. Columbia Business School

There are currently 2,472 students enrolled at Columbia Business School, an excellent number, with 41.7% of female students and 39.4% of international students.

  • Location: New York City
  • Subjects Offered: Accounting, Decision, Risk and Operations, Economics, Finance, Management, Marketing, Business.
  • Courses Offered: Financial Accounting, Managerial Economics, Behavioural Finance (LBS Exchange Course), Leadership & Organizational Change, Executive Leadership, Project and Infrastructure Finance (LBS Exchange Course), Financial Statement Analysis and Valuation, Launch Your Startup, and Family Business Management.
  • Tuition Fees: $70,316 (yearly average)
    • Total Two-semester fees estimated (including all the expenses of living, food, etc.): $108,308
  • Facilities Available: Advanced Projects and Applied Research in Fintech, Arthur J. Samberg Institute for Teaching Excellence, Authenticity, Choice and Technology Lab, W. Edwards Deming Center for Quality, Behavioral and Research Lab, Centre for Pricing and Revenue Management, Productivity, and Competitiveness.
  • Eligibility and Requirements:
    • Pre-requisite courses
    • Non-refundable application fee (US $100)
    • Two Essays
    • CV and two letters of recommendation
    • All the original papers  from all the  institutions attended after high school
    • Self-reported or scanned copies of the GMAT
    • GRE exam TOEFL, IELTS, or PTE scores.
  • Scholarships and Financial Aid: Tuition and fees would not be covered by the need-based grants, which range from $10,000 to $30,000 each academic year (amounts can occasionally be greater in exceptional instances). Your program costs may be financed with the help of federal and private loans.
  • Contact:
    • Email:
    • Phone: +1 212-854-1100
    • Address: 665 West 130th St, New York, NY 10027


It is recognized for its MBA program, which focuses on leadership, employability, and entrepreneurship. More than 11,000 CEOs participate in its executive education sessions annually.

  • Location: Bd de Constance, 77300 Fontainebleau, France, Europe
    • Asia (Singapore)
    • The Middle East (Abu Dhabi), and
    • North America (San Francisco)
  • Subjects Offered: Ethics, Financial Accounting, Entrepreneurship, Valuation, Finance, Management Accounting, Macroeconomics, Corporate Finance, Accounting, Data Science, Operational Management, and Organizational Behavior.  
  • Courses Offered: Financial Markets and Valuation, Organisational Behaviour, Corporate Financial Policy, and Leadership Communications Foundations.
  • Tuition Fees: € 89,000 (approx. US $106,132)
  • Facilities Available: 29 lecture theatres, two restaurants, a bar, a bookshop, extensive library resources, and a fully equipped gym.
  • Eligibility:
    • 700+ GMAT Score
    • 4 years Bachelor’s degree from a recognized institution
  • Scholarships and Financial Aid:
    • INSEAD Admiral Scholarship – € 10,000 (USD 10,817)
    • INSEAD Alumni Fund Special Profile Scholarships – € 10,000 – € 25,000 (USD 10,817 – USD 27,044)
  • Contact:
    • Europe Office: + 33160724000
    • Asia Office: +6567995388
    • Middle East Office: +97126515200
    • San Francisco Office: +18885467323

3. MIT Sloan School of Management

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Sloan School of Management (MIT Sloan) is part of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA.

MIT Sloan emphasizes innovation in practice and research, and it is renowned for its groundbreaking theories and ideas in management and finance.

  • Location: Cambridge, USA
  • Subjects Offered: Marketing Innovation, Marketing Analytics, Marketing Strategy, Consumer Behavior, Branding, and Marketing Management.
  • Courses Offered: Marketing Courses, Ph.D. in marketing, EM track
  • Tuition Fees: The MIT Sloan MBA will set students back an estimated $241,984 for 24 months of study.
  • Facilities Available: Sustainability Certificate – Through this five-course program, students can gain a foundation in sustainability, earn a respected credential, and join a group of peers who are all passionate about sustainability.
  • Eligibility:
    • Cover Letter
    • Resume
    • Video Statement
    • One Letter of Recommendation
    • Additional References
    • Organizational Chart
    • Transcripts
    • Test Scores like GMAT, GRE, etc.
  • Scholarship and Financial Aid:
    • For two-year periods with certain exceptions like MFIN or MBA courses where it applies for just 12 months period, the MIT Sloan scholarship provides a complete waiver from any kind of tuition fees.
    • Candidates wishing to partake in our MBA program may only do so if accepted during Rounds One or Two.
    • To apply you can then fill out a form on the FGB website with scholarship applications due no later than twenty days after acceptance.
  • Contact:
    • Phone: 617-258-5434
    • Address: 100 Main Street Cambridge, MA 02142

4. London Business School

One of the best business schools in the world, particularly for students pursuing a Master’s degree, is London Business School. Aspiring business executives prize it highly and consistently rate it as the top business school in Europe.

Thanks to its top-notch academics and innovative curriculum, which gives students the exceptional chance to connect with a wide range of key organizations, firms, and leaders.

The institution’s alumni, teaching, and guest speaker network is renowned for the breadth and quality of its offerings, enabling students the chance to learn from some of the foremost authorities in their respective fields.

  • Location: London and Dubai
  • Subjects Offered: Operations, Marketing, Organisational Behaviour, and Strategy and Entrepreneurship.
  • Courses Offered: Accounting, Economics, Finance, Management Science and Operations, Marketing, Organisational Behaviour, and Strategy and Entrepreneurship.
  • Facilities Available: Rooms and theatres, Nash Lounge and Kitchen, The Café and The Lounge, Fitness and Wellbeing Centre, Accommodation, and IT Services.
  • Eligibility:
    • The candidate must have a 3 to 4-year Bachelor’s degree with a minimum GPA of 3.3 and relevant work experience.
    • GMAT score of 600 or above.
  • Scholarships and Financial Aid: The London Business School India Scholarship Programme is an endeavor to assist Indian students in attending London Business School for their MBA without facing any financial obstacles. The scholarship laureate will get 35,000 GBP towards college expenses.
  • Contact:
    • Tel: +44 (0)20 7000 7000
    • Fax: +44 (0)20 7000 7001
    • Address: Regent’s Park, London NW1 4SA, UK

5. University of Chicago

The MBA program at the Booth School of Business in Chicago is well-known. The curriculum aims to give pupils a richer educational experience with an emphasis on analytical components.

Modern subjects including emerging technologies, international markets, and the shifting nature of the corporate environment are also covered in the curriculum. This gives students a thorough awareness of the present business environment and equips them to respond to the constantly changing demands of the market.

  • Location: Hyde Park, Chicago
  • Subjects Offered: Economics, Law, Literary Criticism, Mathematics, Physics, Religion, Sociology, and Political Science.
  • Courses Offered: Biological Sciences, Humanities, Physical Sciences, and Social Sciences.
  • Tuition Fees:  62, 241 USD (average)
  • Facilities Available: Service Center, and Sustainability
  • Eligibility: International applicants for graduate programs should be aware that admission is contingent on having a GPA of 3.5 or higher.
  • Scholarship and Financial Aid: Selected Chicago Public Schools (CPS) graduates who are accepted to the university are given full-tuition, four-year scholarships.
  • Contact:
    • Phone: 773-702-8650
    • Fax: 773-702-4199
    • Email:
    • Address: Edward H. Levi Hall 5801 S. Ellis Ave. Chicago, IL 60637

6. Stanford University

Stanford University, located in the heart of Northern California in the United States, is one of the best institutions in the world.

Stanford offers a variety of MBA programs that can help students gain the skills and knowledge necessary to land a job at one of the best companies in the world.

In addition to the MBA programs, Stanford is an ideal choice for those seeking a world-class education in business and beyond.

  • Location: Serra Mall, Stanford, California, USA
  • Subjects Offered: Aeronautics and Astronautics, African and African American Studies, African Studies, American Studies, Anthropology, Applied and Engineering Physics, Archaeology, and Architectural Design.
  • Courses Offered: Engineering, Computer Science & Security, Business & Management, Energy & Sustainability, Data Science, and Medicine & Health Education.
  • Tuition Fees:
    • Average cost after aid = $7,200
    • Average cost before aid = $78,898
  • Facilities Available: Nine dining halls, a teaching kitchen, and organic gardens provide the campus community with healthy, sustainable meals.
  • Eligibility: Minimum Academic Level Needed a four-year Bachelor’s degree or a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering or Medicine.
  • Scholarship and Financial Aid: Stanford provides scholarships to 58% of students, including people who play sports. At Stanford, 49% of students receive need-based financial aid and make an average contribution of $16,300. 
  • Contact:
    • Phone: 650-723-2300
    • E-mail:
    • Address: 450 Jane Stanford Way, Stanford, CA 94305–2004

7. Harvard University

Harvard University’s Alumni is a unique and impressive group, boasting a wide range of accomplishments and accolades. From US Presidents to billionaires, Nobel Prize winners to Academy Award winners, the school is renowned for producing dynamic, influential leaders.

The achievements of Harvard University graduates demonstrate the value of education and people’s potential for greatness.

  • Location: Cambridge & Boston
  • Subjects Offered: Art & Design, Design & Creativity, Creativity, Design, Business, Negotiation, General, Computer Science, General, Computer Networking, Data Science, Education & Teaching, Humanities.
  • Courses Offered: Education & Teaching, Health & Medicine, Business, Mathematics, and Humanities.
  • Tuition Fees: 55, 587 USD
  • Facilities Available: The Arnold Arboretum, Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts, Collection of Historical Scientific Instruments, and Graduate School of Design Exhibitions.
  • Eligibility: Along with high school academics, the Admissions Committee also considers leadership and distinction in extracurricular activities, community involvement, as well as personal qualities and character.
  • Scholarship and Financial Aid: There are no merit-based scholarships or full-ride grants available at Harvard. They do, however, completely satiate the pupils’ proven financial demands. Every year, almost half of the Harvard University class receives need-based scholarships or financial aid.
  • Contact:
    • E-mail:
    • Phone: +1.617-495-6128
    • Email:
    • Address: Dillon House, Soldiers Field, Boston, MA 02163

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