Top 6 Real Money Games To Earn Cash

In this fast-developing world, earning money has been more accessible than ever before with constant fear of losing jobs. Technology has also provided several opportunities to make without leaving the comfort of your sofa.  Real Money Games are an extremely effective tool for players across the world to use their gaming expertise to monetize and make decent earnings.

There was a time when using mobile or playing games was just a leisure activity, however due to rapid advancements in facilities like fast-speed internet, and secure payment integration we can now play games for real money. Such games are generally played against online players or against an integrated computer system which is eventually connected with the real money reward that doubles the thrill and takes user experience and enjoyment to the next level.

Now as of today the money game market is full of various apps, and many of them are directly involved in scams, so for you here is the list of the top 6 real money-earning apps that you should give a try.

Game List

  • Lucktastic
  • ESPN Fantasy Sports
  • Axie Infinity
  • Sandbox
  • Gods Unchained
  • Tamadoge


A simple scratch-and-win game with over 10M Downloads on Google Play Store, brings back a nostalgic feel of the good old days as it brings back the memories of you buying a scratch-off lottery ticket, except it is so much better. Lucktastic is a 100% free-to-play digital scratch game, which means no in-app purchases can be made in order to enhance the decision. This ensures that no unfair advantage is given to some users over others. 

The app is built on a pretty simple concept all you need is to download the app, scratch the coupon to reveal your potential ( the revenue ranges from $0.05 to $500) then hit claim if you win or keep scratching to discover more winning chances.

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ESPN Fantasy Sports

Apart from keeping you informed, the app also helps you create your own leagues where you can lead your team to victory. You will play against teams all over the or even against your friends. Choose your ideal lineup and win the points to encash them for real money.

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Axie Infinity

Players of Axie Infinity collect the mint NFTs which represent Axolotl and it inspired digital pets known as Axie. In short, games breed digital pets and battle them with each other in the game. Sky Mavris charges around 4.25% of fees when players buy stuff from the Axie marketplace to breed the animals.

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Usually, Sandbox allows these creative elements to be incorporated into other genres and allows for emergent gameplay. Sandbox is basically a concept that serves early and allows the player to have a real-world concept which gives the player the freedom to move city-building sessions in the game world.

The term ‘Sandbox’ derives from the concept of children’s sandbox which allows them to make whatever they want. The early history of sandbox games comes from space trading and combat games like Elite (1984) and city-building and simulation trading games like SimCity (1988).  Most successful sandbox games include Minecraft and Roblox.  The games allow players to fight amongst themselves or fight off a monster or create their fight arenas and earn points to encash them for real money. This by far is the most successful real money game type.

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Gods Unchained

Launched in 2018, Gods Unchained has traded over 52 million worth of cards globally as time-testers and long-running most stable projects not only in the gaming and internet arena but in the collecting and antiquities area. Gods Unchained is one of the most popular games to earn tactical card industry-leading chains.

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Tamadoge already has introduced their own metaverse immediately after lunch which means they have a product to show the world. This fact separates them from other meme token projects. The mechanism for P2E ( Play to Earn) is very famous and they get rewarded in TAMA which can be traded further than any other cryptocurrencies.

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Real money-earning games are an opportunity for all excited gamers to earn a sustainable amount in return for their efforts. In the current market trend, most of the applications are available completely fake and doing scams too by taking registration fees, etc. So, with this 6 list of games we have discovered, one that offers one of the most secure gameplay in the arena.

Registering on these gaming platforms and investing your amount in the games will surely give a high return back in the form of cryptocurrencies, and other methods of money. Millions of users are already enjoying the game and guiding too for experts playing through their YouTube tutorials and all.

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