Nvidia: Now A $1 Trillion Company


The GPU segment focuses on specialized markets, with products such as GeForce for gamers, Quadro for designers, Tesla and DGX for AI data scientists and big data researchers, and GRID for cloud-based visual computing users.

Meanwhile, the Tegra Processor category contains GPUs and multi-core CPUs to provide supercomputing for autonomous robotics, drones, and vehicles. This cutting-edge technology allows users to benefit from sophisticated graphics and computational capabilities in a variety of applications ranging from gaming to artificial intelligence.

NVIDIA – Highlights

HeadquartersSanta Clara, California
CountryUnited States
Founder, President, and CEOJensen Huang

Key Facts

  • Shares of Nvidia rose 4% in early trading, representing a one-day gain of $40 billion and pushing the chipmaker’s market value to a hair over $1 trillion.
  • This marks the first time in history that Nvidia has achieved a trillion-dollar market capitalization and makes it the sixth public company in the world to be valued at over $1 trillion, joining Apple, Saudi Aramco, Microsoft, Alphabet, and Amazon in the exclusive club.
  • This monumental achievement is a testament to the success of Nvidia, as it has grown from a small startup in 1993 to a global powerhouse in the chip-making industry.
  • The only other companies to ever cross the threshold are Tesla and Meta, though both are currently valued at less than $700 billion today; the top spot is still held by Chinese oil giant PetroChina.
  • The company now has a presence in more than 100 countries and its products are used in a wide range of applications, from self-driving cars to artificial intelligence.
  • Despite the current economic uncertainty, Nvidia has been able to maintain its growth trajectory and its trillion-dollar valuation is a clear sign that the company is here to stay.

Mantras That Made Nvidia A Successful Corp.

  • “Confronting our mistake and, with humility, asking for help saved Nvidia,” Huang added.
  • He continued by saying that they wouldn’t have been able to go through the trying time if they hadn’t been modest enough to recognize their error and beg for assistance. It was this moment that taught them the importance of humility and the power of asking for help.

The second mantra Huang shared was that of resilience. He emphasized the need to keep moving forward and never give up, regardless of how challenging the circumstances became.

The third mantra he shared was that of innovation, and that it is important to constantly push boundaries and think outside the box.

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Technology Innovation

Chipmakers around the world experienced a boost in their stocks as a result of the news. Taiwan Semiconductor rose 3%, SK Hynix in South Korea gained 6%, and ASML from the Netherlands added 5%.

This was due in part to the comments made by Nvidia founder and CEO Jensen Huang, who spoke of the need for a data center makeover to accommodate the changes and advancements in artificial intelligence technology.

Market Capitalization of NVIDIA

With a market worth of $991.99 billion as of May 2023, NVIDIA is the sixth-largest corporation in the world. A publicly traded company’s market capitalization is referred to as its total value.

With a market value of $991.99 billion as of May 2023, NVIDIA will rank as the sixth most valuable corporation in the world according to our study.

Market capitalization, commonly referred to as market traded company’s issued stocks. This statistic may then be used to compare organizations of comparable size and assess an enterprise’s overall success.

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