New Barbie Movie (2023): Everything To Know

During the release of the movie this summer, the movie of Barbie will be competing against upcoming films in the theatre with a vast ensemble cast led by Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer.

Barbie will be exclusively released in the theatres and after some time it will be made available on Warner Bros streaming service Max.


Release Date2023-07-21
DirectorGreta Gerwig
GenreComedy, Adventure, Fantasy
WritersNoah Baumbach, Greta Gerwig

Barbie Movie Trailer

On May 25th, 2023, Warner Bros made the official trailer available on Youtube. The trailer reveals the plot of the film as Barbie’s world begins to fall apart, forcing her and Ken on a trek to the Real World.

After that Barbie is sought by Mattel’s CEO and appears Heartbroken as people don’t play with anymore as much as they used to play before.

Also the trailer states “If you love Barbie. This movie is for you.”

Official Trailer:

Movie Plot

The plot of the film is revealed in the trailer, as Barbie’s world begins to fall apart, causing her and Ken to travel to the Real World.

Ken with whom Barbie left doesn’t have a single asset of their own. Nobody remembers Ken or is concerned about Ken. Ken does not own a home, a car, perhaps a job, or any other kind of power.

Barbie Movie Cast

The cast of Barbie movie casts many celebrities in a variety of different roles like Kate McKinnon playing the role of weird Barbie. Noah Baumbach, Greta Gerwig are the writers of the film.

The famous songwriter Dua Lipa as Mermaid Barbie, and Emerald Fennell plays Barbie’s best friend Midge. Will Ferrell will star as the CEO of a toy company, and Jamie Demetriou plays an act of employee in the Toy Company.

Movie Characters

Barbie – Margot Robbie

The famous Margot Robbie from “The Wolf of Wallstreet” movie plays the lead character in the new upcoming movie of Barbie.

Ken – Ryan Gosling

From the famous cartoon show – Disney Channel’s The Mickey Mouse Club, Ryan Gosling is the title character’s love interest.

CEO of Toy Company – Ferrell

In famous movies such as Buddy in Elf and Frank ‘In the Tank’ in Old School, Ferell plays the CEO of the toy company that manufactures Barbie Dolls.

Allan – Michael Cera

From TV shows such as Drunk History, Louie, and Netflix’s Wet Hot American Summer, Michael Cera plays the role of Ken’s Best Friend, Allan.

Mermaid Barbie – Dua Lipa

Singing sensation and Grammy Award Winner, Dua Lipa plays the role of Barbie’s version in blue hair.

Barbie Movie Reviews

A few weeks ago Warner Bros Held a test screening for the long-awaited live-action Barbie. People who attended the screening shared their reviews on Reddit, calling the film “an absolute delight that will be an obsessive favorite.”

According to one user, Despite the overall spiky and over-the-top comedy, it remains surprisingly emotional, playful, and blissfully political without being heavy-handed.

The other user commented that the movie will win Oscars for its beautiful Costumes and Designs. One of the users said that It deconstructs the feminist iconography of Barbie for the New Generation.

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