Lawrence Bishnoi Is “Terrorist”: NIA

Lawrence Bishnoi is a name that is well-known in Indian criminal history. He is a controversial figure as the police and law consider him a feared gangster, while many people believe that he is a hero and they support him.

His fame has spread throughout the country, and many people dread him. Despite his criminal record, Lawrence Bishnoi still has his supporters. Some say he is a misunderstood hero who has been unfairly targeted by the police and the law. They support him because of his purported participation in assisting the poor and needy in his hometown, as well as his seeming devotion to justice for those who have been harmed.

Lawrence Bishnoi’s name has become associated with India’s criminal underground, whatever his genuine character may be. He is still imprisoned, yet his legacy lives on in the hearts and minds of millions.

NIA Declared Lawrence Bishnoi a Terrorist

This has created a great deal of misery for the accused, who have been subjected to lengthy interrogation and inquiry with no real proof to back up the charges against them. As a result, the accused are battling not just to prove their innocence, but also to safeguard their rights as Indian citizens.

Orders From The Delhi Court

In recent news, a Delhi court has issued an order for the repatriation of the notorious gangster, Bishnoi, to Bhatinda Jail in Punjab due to concerns for his safety. The authorities at Delhi’s Mandoli jail have raised alarms over the potential threat of a gang war, prompting the court to take action.

Bishnoi, who has committed dozens of heinous crimes, is expected to be transferred from Delhi to Punjab today. Not surprisingly, he has been making headlines for issuing threats to Bollywood actor Salman Khan from prison, reportedly in retaliation for the community’s outrage over the Blackbuck killing case.

Satbit Singh – Operating An Extortion Ring Arrested

On June 9th, the police arrested Satbir Singh, also known as Satbir Gujjar, who was accused of being involved in an extortion racket in Panchkula. Satbir Gujjar was identified as a member of the Lawrence Bishnoi gang who was working as a property consultant in Dera Bassi.

He was caught with three firearms and two live bullets during his arrest. The accused was actively participating in the extortion ring, prompting the authorities to take action against him. The police have been looking into the matter and the degree of his involvement in the scam.

Satbir Singh, also known as Satbir Gujjar, has been identified as the culprit in the crime. He is 30 years old. On June 9th, he was arrested in Dera Bassi, where he worked as a property consultant. According to reports, Singh ran an extortion ring in the neighborhood, which led to his detention.

Lawrence Bishnoi Exclusive Interview

Here is an exclusive interview video with Lawrence Bishnoi about Moose Wala and Salman Khan, which was done by an ABP News Journalist Live.

In the midst of the interview, Lawrence refuted the accusation of deliberately targeting the family of the late rapper Sidhu Moose Wala. He stated that he had no involvement with the individual who had threatened to assault both Salman Khan and Moose Wala’s father.

According to Lawrence, this man is not affiliated with his gang in any way. According to a witness testimonial, Goldie allegedly claimed that he was not present in the United States when the murder of Moose Wala was planned and executed.

The witness further added that Goldie had previously mentioned his hideouts in Europe and Canada on separate occasions. It is also claimed that the witness had collaborated with Goldie in planning the entire murder of Moose Wala.

When questioned about his criminal activities, Lawrence Bishnoi conveyed that although he has been involved in criminal pursuits, he still perceives himself as a learner. He stated that he would only consider himself a true gangster after eliminating Salman Khan, a famous Bollywood actor. To add further detail, Bishnoi mentioned that he went straight from his college hostel to the jail. Therefore, he associates his life of crime with a continuous learning process, striving toward the ultimate.

Petition Filed Against Lawrence Bishnoi’s Interview

Gourave Bhayyia Gilhotra, a lawyer based in Chandigarh, has sought the Punjab and Haryana High Court’s intervention to launch an investigation into the interview of gangster Lawrence Bishnoi that was conducted from within the jail. Gilhotra has requested that a central agency be formed to investigate the situation and file an FIR against the person responsible for conducting the interview. Bishnoi, a Class-A criminal, is claimed to have been involved in over 30 murder, extortion, and ransom cases.

If the High Court grants the plea, it will be a significant step towards ensuring that jail facilities are not exploited for criminal activity. Gilhotra claims that the occurrence is a blatant breach of the jail manual and jeopardizes the facility’s security as well as the safety of the inmates.

He has also stated that if such incidents are not investigated and punished, they are likely to grow more common, posing a major danger to the rule of law. As a result, he has petitioned the High Court to order the government to take proper measures and guarantee that the jail grounds are not utilized for any illegal activity in the future.

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