FIPIC Summit 2023: India & Papua New Guinea PM’s

The main discussion area between the PMs includes science & technology (specifically AI), commerce, healthcare, and climate change.

About the FIPIC Summit

PM Modi has given them the words that “India will be their proud and reliable development partner by sharing their combat strategies and experiences too in all fields.”

PM Modi’s Arrival Celebration in PNG

As this was Modi’s first tour to Papua New Guinea along with the squad, he received a Guard of Honour and the Indian National Anthem was played to give respect to the entire nation. While that moment, both PMs stood and hugged each other with a smile.

As per the rule in PNG, no leaders get any sort of ceremonial welcome after sunset but they made an exception for PM Modi and gave a beautiful ceremonial welcome through their cultural dance, songs, etc.

PM Modi’s Tweet

“Prime Minister James Marape and I had very productive talks, covering the full range of bilateral relations between India and Papua New Guinea. We discussed ways to augment cooperation in commerce, technology, healthcare and in addressing climate change,” Indian PM Narendra Modi tweeted.

Major Areas of Discussion in FIPIC Summit

  • Agriculture
  • Energy
  • IT
  • Infrastructure Development
  • Climate Change
  • Healthcare

Strengthening Diplomatic Relations

Marape has made efforts to highlight the importance of larger nations taking responsibility for the well-being of small island states, which have faced significant challenges as a result of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

Book Launching Ceremony

Promoting International Cooperation

The historical significance of international collaboration between India and Papua New Guinea was clearly visible at the summit. Both nation leaders have acknowledged working together for global challenges like climate change, regional stability, etc. They expressed their readiness to cooperate and actively contribute to international endeavors aimed at tackling these challenges. These promises between the leaders showcase the strong relationship between the nations to work collaboratively on global peace and stability.


The meeting between Prime Minister James Marape and Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India was an important event in the two countries bilateral relationship. The meeting’s discussions centered on developing diplomatic ties, expanding economic cooperation, encouraging cultural exchanges, and collaborating on regional and global challenges.

On the international scene, the outcomes of this meeting have the potential to deepen diplomatic relations and provide new pathways for mutual growth and prosperity between Papua New Guinea and India.

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