BGMI Got Unbanned in India: Now Available on Play Store

What is BGMI?

Battlegrounds Mobile Game became famous in India, but due to its privacy and security reasons the game was later banned, it has been reported that the servers of these games are located in China and all the data of Indians are stolen therefore it was banned.

The game’s genre is player Vs player shooting, and it is a multiplayer game where you can compete against teams of up to 100 members in total where each team comprises of maximum 4 members. Throughout the game, you must survive and compete against the enemies and survive the six maps created in the game.

Highlights – BGMI

Game NameBattlegrounds Mobile India
Developer of GameKrafton
Release DateAndroid (2 July 2021) & iOS (18 August 2021)
Ban Date28 July 2022
BGMI Unban Date (Expected)23-31 May 2023
Official Website

Unbanned Details

All the top Gamers and BGMI users were shocked when the game was banned by the Indian Government. Now after the news of unbanning, all users are eagerly waiting for the official announcement of the relaunch of the game.

BGMI game will be made available soon in the Play Store India and Apple Store app for the users to download. The government of India has lifted the ban for its trial run of three months.

Expected Launch Date and Hosting

According to the reports, the game will be made available in Play Store and Apple App Store at the end of May or June 2023 for users to download it.

BGMI Launch DateEnd of May or June 2023
Play Store Link
BGMI Esports HostingManaged by: Tesseract Esports
Organized by: NODWIN Gaming

Conflict Resolved with BGMI

It has been reported that the servers of the games will be changing and many developers have given special thanks to the South Korean game development studio. As it was reported that the servers were somewhere connected to China and all the data of Indians were stolen therefore due to security reasons the app was banned.

Due to some server issues, there might be a possibility for a delay in the new version to launch.

Steps to Download BGMI

Here are the following steps to download the BGMI application from Play Store India or Apple Store:

  • Start your respective Play Store or Apple Store and search for BGMI Games in the search bar. The list of games will then appear in front of you.
  • After that, click the Install button, and the game will be downloaded to your mobile.
  • You must now launch the game by downloading the additional file and logging in with your gaming ID.
  • Open the application again and configure your controls before playing with your buddies.

BGMI: Free or Paid?

BGMI is completely free to download from the Google Play Store or Apple Store with in-app purchases. The complete file for downloading has a size of 736 MB.

BGMI new updates

The new BGMI update includes a number of features and measurements that will make the game even better and more exciting. The features include a redesigned user interface that makes navigation easier and more intuitive.

New fresh maps that provide a more accurate image of where all pollutants are situated in your neighborhood are also added to make the arena more exciting.

Aftermath 2.0 Updates

Aftermath maps now include a number of additional features. The map is inspired by Livik but in a unique way. It takes place against the backdrop of Ward and Destruction, which is a sharp contrast to Livik’s usual brilliant and cheerful aesthetic. The number of upgrades available includes:

  • Shop Recall
  • New Bunkers Treasure Maps
  • New Bunkers
  • New Energy Mechanics
  • Armor Upgrades
  • Consumables Adjustments
  • Firearm Upgrades
  • Semi Truck
  • Guard Posts
  • Medicine Cabinet
  • Recall Towers

New Mode: Football Theme

Soccer carnival mode, which is popular amongst all soccer lovers, is jam-packed with exciting soccer elements. This mode will be added to the game in addition to Lionel Messi’s cooperation with PUBG Mobile.

  • New Tactical Item – Golden Shoes
  • New Throwable – Football
  • Enabled Maps: Erangel, Nusa, Livik
  • New Themed Area – Football Carnival
  • Football-themed Spawn Island
  • Football Cover
  • Football Airdrop instead of flare gun

Characters Available in Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI)


Victor is the first character in BGMI, and it’s completely free to avail. You don’t need any character shards to get this tough-looking pal. Victor’s knowledge and proficiency with submachine guns are his greatest assets.


Anna is an investigative reporter from Austria. Her father, who went missing after revealing the employee casualties of a specific worldwide corporation, had a strong influence on her ability to uncover the truth and fight.


Carlo is your best bet if you appreciate bounty hunter swag. Carlo, the second male character to appear in BGMI, is a skillful combatant who employs a variety of weaponry in battle.


Andy, the group’s shady figure, is a magician and puppeteer. It is said that after a career-ending mishap, Andy concentrated his efforts on learning the usage of firearms.


Finally, Sara is the first female character to appear in BGMI. She pushes the pedal to the metal as a vehicle expert, especially when she gets behind the wheel of a Dacia or UAZ.

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