New Indian Parliament: Inside Facts

The structure was under stress, with very little room for MPs to work, and it was entirely out of date in terms of seismic and fire safety precautions, as well as technology advancements. Let’s discover the blend of modernity and tradition that is seamlessly woven into the new Parliament House, as we delve into its state-of-the-art facilities, sustainable features, and its role in shaping the future of Indian governance.

Indian Parliament buildings

The architectural layout and design of the current buildings often hinder effective communication and collaboration among MPs. These issues highlight the pressing need for a new Parliament House that addresses these limitations and provides a conducive environment for efficient legislative processes and democratic functioning.

Taking care of these points, in the present tenure of the BJP Government, PM Modi has inaugurated the new Parliamentary House for the sessions. It is built with the notion of being more effective and safer than the previous one, and it includes all necessary safety measures, such as seismic and fire protection, as well as contemporary and cutting-edge technical improvements.

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Parliament House Inauguration by PM Modi

Features of New Parliament House

  • New Parliament House is built as a part of the New Central Vista project.
  • This triangular-shaped house comprises 4 floors, with beautiful sketches, paintings, and cultural depictions to show the sovereignty of the nation.
  • The New Lok Sabha Chamber represents India’s National Bird, Peacock, and the new Rajya Sabha Chamber resembles the National Flower, Lotus.
  • The ceremonial scepter of the Chola dynasty, “Sengol” is installed on the right side of the Lok Sabha Speaker’s chair by PM Modi.
  • More efficient and technologically advanced Parliament House is made with all the facilities including large accommodation space for MPs, better sanitation facilities, state-wise artworks, etc.
  • Furthermore, the new complex features three entrances – Gyan Dwar, Shakti Dwar, and Karma Dwar – with distinct entrances for members of Parliament, VIPs, and guests.

Architectural Design of the New Parliament House

Over the years, the parliamentary activities and the number of people working therein and visitors have increased exponentially. This has made it difficult for the old building to accommodate the rising number of people while maintaining its original architecture.

Unfortunately, there is no record or paperwork of the building’s original design, making any modifications or additions in keeping with the original plan may become problematic. As a result, new structures and adjustments have been done on the fly.

The new parliament building is sustainable and environmentally friendly. It will be built using ecological materials that will reduce power use by 30%. Some of the architectural features like sustainable energy sources, rainwater collection, and solar power generating equipment will be installed.

Special other facilities for the media are provided in the house. Both houses have galleries for the general public to witness parliamentary proceedings.

Construction Updates of Indian Parliament House

The construction of the New Parliament Building was fully completed. 28 May 2023. It was undertaken by Tata Projects Limited, with the design by HCP Design Planning and Management Private Limited.

The total area for construction is 64,500 sqm, creating a modern architectural marvel in the heart of Delhi.

Tweets From Famous Personalities

Many celebrities took to social media to share their excitement about the inauguration of the new Parliament building. Prominent actors like Shah Rukh Khan, Akshay Kumar, and many others tweeted a video of the Parliament building.

Shah Rukh Khan tweeted “New adobe of democracy” by congratulating Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Akshay Kumar tweeted “ Proud to see this glorious new building of the Parliament. May this forever be an iconic symbol of India’s growth story #MyParliamentMyPride”.

Prominent Bollywood Actress and BJP Leader, Hema Malini congratulated Prime Minister Narendra Modi with a video on Twitter.

Government Initiatives for the New Parliament House

Unfortunately, the old Parliament building was under severe stress as a result of a lack of MP workspace and the necessity for structural upgrades. This triggered the development of a new Parliament building, which was intended to accommodate both the bicameral legislature and ample workplace for parliamentarians.

The new Parliament building is a much-needed update that underlines the Indian government’s commitment to providing legislators with a safe and secure environment.

How To Reach New Parliament Building?

The new Parliament building is next to the old Parliament building and is located in the heart of the Central Vista on Sansad Marg, Gokul Nagar in New Delhi. Here are some of the nearest metro stations to the New Parliament building:

  • Patel Chowk
  • Janpath
  • Central Secretariat
  • Udyog Bhawan

Why India’s New Parliament Building Is Controversial?

However, when the construction began, politicians, environmentalists, and civil society organizations have criticized the new building for its high cost and lack of engagement. Many people have questioned why the government did not choose to renovate the old structure instead.

The BJP defended its decision, claiming that the new structure is a source of pride for all Indians and accusing the opposition of “politicising” the opening. At a news conference on Wednesday, India’s Home Minister Amit Shah stated that “all political parties had been invited to the event, but that “everyone will act according to their own feelings.”

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