Top 10 Ideas to Make Instagram Reels Viral

The desire to be innovative with your products as a company owner may be intimidating, especially when you run out of original Instagram reel ideas.

We’ll look at innovative Instagram reel ideas for you to explore and construct your ideal brand in this blog.

Let’s get started!

1. Make Instructional Videos

Creating instructional and how-to videos is an excellent approach to leverage Instagram Reels marketing for your company.

Following informative films that describe your business’s offering, these relevant lessons and instructions can pique your followers’ interest in your brand, perhaps leading them to your checkout.

How-to videos may help you grow your audience and increase interaction. Customized content lends your company an air of dependability and trustworthiness, which are qualities that buyers see to engage with what a brand wants.

This method is very effective with influencer marketing. When you work with influencers to educate your audience, you portray honesty while simultaneously spreading your brand’s content. Here is the following account with the number of views shown:

2. Make Innovative Behind-The-Scenes Videos

To strengthen your Instagram Reels marketing plan, you need something captivating to entice potential clients. This is where behind-the-scenes videos should come in handy. They provide insights and help to humanize your brand.

So, employ seamless transitions to demonstrate the procedures that your brand goes through. Consider how Anima Iris, a luxury purse designer, uses behind-the-scenes videos for their Instagram Reels to give followers.

Consider Reel stuff that allows your audience to connect with you. That may be the way you develop content or package your products. Here is the following account with the number of views shown:

3. Use user-generated content

User-generated content (UGC) can take many forms, including short-form movies and images. Through social proof, it enables clients to establish new interests and find your products.

Some methods for collecting UGC for Instagram Reels marketing include:

  • Making brand hashtag competitions
  • Posting for a good cause
  • Following trending events
  • Redistributing customer feedback and testimonies
  • Working with content creators

Utilizing UGC for Instagram Reels can assist increase audience engagement and conversion. Incorporating UGC into your marketing funnel, therefore, makes your content more relevant and your social media approach more effective.

You can execute a successful UGC campaign with Reels by engaging with customers who make comments on your videos or reshare them on their social media accounts. These interactions foster true bonds, which boosts loyalty. Here is the following UGC-based account along with their views:

4. Repurpose Your Previous Content

Knowing how to update your material is a game changer in social media marketing, especially if you enjoy experimenting with photos and videos.

However, before sharing your video, you must adapt these earlier clips to suit your Instagram audience and update the content. You can accomplish the following:

  • Take fantastic lines from past videos or interviews you’ve done.
  • Compile UGC from your feed and present it in a new format utilizing creative video approaches.
  • To get listed on Instagram Explore, share existing Reels to Instagram Stories and utilize hashtags.

You may also repurpose fantastic material from other platforms, such as a useful blog post or video clip, into Instagram Reels.

5. Make a Listicle

Bucket lists are just like listicles that help make your marketing campaigns livelier. The potential for a listicle to go viral increases when clients are pleased with enjoyable and amusing content as well as easy-to-digest information.

Highlight your brand’s offerings with a creative listicle Reel that combines images or short-form material about them Keeping people interested in what’s next is key to a successful reel post.

After coming up with a brilliant blog post idea what are the next necessary steps?

Innovate the way you communicate with faithful consumers by sending routine email updates, and you are able to inform them at any point when your list has been updated or if there are any fresh contents that may capture their attention. Take a look at how these engaging listicles motivate Kirsten’s audience on her blog.

6. Inspirational Trends

Using popular IG Reels puts your brand in the spotlight. You have the possibility to become viral here, which can significantly increase your viewership.

Songs, effects, and even filters can influence trends. As a result, you must pay attention to what is popular in your brand segment and develop content while it is still trendy. You may look for trends using hashtags and audio samples, or you can look for them on your Instagram Explore pages.

Another option to capitalize on trends is to make Instagram Reels that correspond to the seasons or major events. Consider videos with hashtags such as #summer, #mothersday, or #halloween, which generally go viral.

7. Story Sharing or Podcast

Sharing stories, in addition to utilizing user-generated content, maintains your brand in the thoughts of your fans. You need good and consistent visual Instagram stories to cut through the subpar content.

Try presenting several items and compellingly conveying a tale, or spotlighting your clients and informing them how your brand solved their problems. Visualize the significance of some of the prior things you’ve done or problems you’ve faced using Instagram Reels. Then, for increased interaction, use these videos as regular feed items.

Experiment with video editors that allow you to cut and merge different footage for a seamless film to create your brand story reels. You can also add music and link buttons to encourage visitors to interact with your Instagram Reels through likes, comments, and shares.

8. Considering Comments and Direct Messages as Inspiration

You’d expect your audience to like and comment on your engaging Instagram Reels. However, in order to acquire the interaction you desire, you must encourage your followers. Otherwise, you’d just let them like your feed post and scroll on to others.

Be forthright in order to elicit comments from your followers. Incorporate call-to-actions into your IG Reels captions and encourage your fans to submit comments. Eventually, you may utilize these comments as a reference when crafting your next Reel article to keep your audience engaged.

In addition, solicit feedback from your loyal customers about your brand. Feedback and opinions are an excellent approach to influencing your product development and identifying areas for improvement.

Your target audience is extremely likely to have objections. Perhaps they are unhappy with the perks or have unanswered queries. You may be unaware of this unless you devise appealing tactics to elicit a response from them. That is why you should encourage your followers to share their concerns or positive news about your brand since this will help you identify answers.

9. Featuring Own Firm and Staff

To spice up your brand’s social media posts, you must go beyond producing similar-style content. You may use Instagram Reels marketing to highlight your company’s personnel and their roles. This recognizes their efforts and inspires them to perform better.

Instagram Reels can increase brand loyalty by showing, rather than telling, your audience what your brand stands for. Instagram Reels are a quick and easy approach to humanizing your brand and communicating your brand identity.

Using photos of your staff from company events like training and conferences is an excellent Reel content idea.

You may successfully develop an authentic tone of voice that resonates with your audience by creating this Reel content. Your audience will notice that there are people behind your brand, not just chatbots.

10. Display Your Items To Sell

There are several brands that sell similar things to yours. If you’re using Instagram for restaurant marketing, you may use Instagram Reels to advertise your product videos, showcase services, special discounts, and even your cuisine.

Instagram Reels are a fun method to highlight what makes your product unique and encourage genuine engagement. Displaying your products boosts audience engagement and makes them more likely to buy from you rather than your competition.

Other Ideas To Implement

As there is no limit to creating content of good quality, several groups of people have been involved in different new stuff too. Some of the most loving niches to work on Instagram includes:

  • Group Singing
  • Solo Dancing along with Back Crowd
  • Instant Sketching
  • Mysterious Places Facts Revealing
  • Riding Super Bikes
  • Funny Challenges to Complete


Instagram Reels marketing makes it simple to create content and saves you time — but you must upload relevant content to attract engagement.

Begin by informing others about your brand. Answer any questions your audience is likely to ask, and do it right away. Humanize your brand to create a bond. It builds trust between you and your followers and allows for engaging dialogues.

Post your content on a frequent basis and keep up with trends as much as possible. This allows you to become viral and promotes your brand on Instagram’s Discover pages.

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